1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Here is something fun. I recently got a Samsung Intrepid I couldn't pass it up it was a great price so I activated it. No more TP2 but wait I installed WinMo WIFI router on my Intrepid so now I have my TP2 working through the WIFI router and the Intrepid for everything else. In fact this post was typed up and posted using my TP2 and my Intrepid internet connection. That's way cool from a geeky point of view
    04-03-2010 12:25 PM
  2. Hail Lakers's Avatar
    FYI, you're in the Omnia forum :)

    Are you planning on doing a comparison review between the two devices? I considered the Intrepid because I prefer its form factor, but couldn't pass up the TP2's large screen or price.
    04-03-2010 03:37 PM
  3. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Woops! Thanks for the heads up I will move it to the correct forum. I will do a head to head after I have had the Intrepid for a couple of weeks. So far there are obvious advantages to both devices I will add more later.

    04-03-2010 03:52 PM
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  6. joshua.worth's Avatar
    Were you using Sprint data or wifi to wifi? I'd like to use this Intrepid as a range extender to my current router if thats possible

    sent from my HTC Kingdom
    01-07-2012 05:49 PM