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    I have a Samsung Jack that I acquired only a few months ago. Now before I get into this, I know you will all advise getting a data card for it (which I have recently, but have not put anything on it as of yet). My phone is giving me a message that I cannot receive SMS Messages (or something like that) because the data is full. When I view the Memory
    Info, it says that my phone is full (81.something MB) but the ONLY THING on my phone is ONE PHOTO. I have no ringtonmes, I deleted the ringtones that CAME with the phone, deleted the SONGS that came with it, the photos, all text logs, all internet history, all call history and it STILL tells me that my phone is full. Now I know that the phone has a limited data, but for the few KB that the photo takes up, how am I POSSIBLY using the other 81 MG? What else do I need to clear.

    I have deleted games, music, photos and ringtones that came on the phone. I have deleted all internet history, emails, text messages and all of the call history (except for a few which the phone does not seem willing to let me delete)

    I have since installed the data card and while I KNOW I can put more data on that card, I am not going to just ignore this problem. Does anyone have any idea why this may be? Is there something else that the phone has been saving that I have to delete?

    I have only ONE PHOTO on the phone and would like to actually be able to use the phone, even for texting, which it lacks the data for now. What the heck? I think maybe because some phones allow you to save your contacts to the SIM card OR the Storage, maybe I somehow have them on the storage? Even so, I only have so many contacts (20-30) and if that IS the problem, how do I move them?>
    02-10-2011 08:43 PM
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    Okay, please forgive my random rant, but I could not find the info anywhere. A Friend told me that some phones, such as HERS actually have a special folder that keeps all of the messages you delete, akin to the Recycle Bin on a computer and that it will not automatically empty itself and to look for a "My Messages" folder and go from there.

    Oh well, this cleared it down to 34 MB (Not sure where the rest of that data is coming from, but I will look) but at least this thread may help someone else, as I looked online and could not seem to find the answer anywhere.

    Sorry for wasting your time, guys, but modern technology is not my thing.
    02-10-2011 08:53 PM