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    When I restart my Omnia 7, and attempt to use any application which uses the onscreen keyboard (txt, email, IE, search) I can only type a few characters (about 10 or 15) and then the phone doesn't allow any more characters to appear.

    The keyboard continues to detect my key presses (it shows the key that's been pressed) the entries just don't go into the application.

    Once the problem has started, the keyboard is essentially useless. I can still use the phone to place and receive calls, I can still launch apps and use the 'back' button.

    Interestingly, also once the problem occurs I cannot use the search button or launch IE, the screen just goes black. I cannot use the back button to get out of this black screen, but I can use the Windows key to get back to the start screen.

    I've had my Samsung Omnia 7 since pretty soon after launch and apart from the odd lock-up it's been without issue. I've built up a fairly large collection of apps and games, but still had about 1GB of storage available.

    Reluctantly I decided to 'hard reset' the phone this morning (knowing that I'd lose some game saves and my txt message history). But even worse is that the problem is still present even though it's reset back to factory details.

    Luckily the keyboard did last longer after the reset (I was at least able to enter my LiveID, Work Email and WiFi password details) but now the problem has re-occurred, it's back to only allowing a few characters after a reboot.

    I'm on Orange in the UK and haven't had any software updates in a few months, so don't know what's caused it.

    Is their any 'even deeper' reset I can do than the 'hard reset' I've just performed?
    (Power off, hold camera button + volume down + power for 5-10 secs)

    I'll see if I can get a video of this on youtube or something, because it's driving me crazy.


    06-21-2012 09:39 AM
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    First try to manage your keyboard from the Device Manager. From the device manager first installant keyboard and then reconnect it. After that If your problem is still not resolved than use malware software's. It is free-ware anti-malware tool. It is more faster that quick scan the high resource programs.
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