1. gooldman's Avatar
    Please would like any one who have idea to help me what i should do to access markeplace from my phone, i keep receiving error message each time i try to access it, the error message is like this: "Windows marketplace for mobile can't connect.
    There maybe a problem with the marketplace service right now. check your internet connection and try again"

    i have really tried everything yet to no avail, even i cant access most of my apps like facebook. but if i access it through opera browser it works.
    any one with idea please help.
    02-26-2014 06:35 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Have you tried using WiFi instead of mobile data?

    Would you be able to provide more details? There is no Opera browser for Windows Phone.
    02-26-2014 11:04 PM

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