1. firewater88's Avatar
    I jsut got a Saga the other day. So far so good. I actually had the HTC touch Pro from Verizon for a few weeks and traded it in for the Saga. One thing I can not figure out is automatic profiles on the Saga. I want it to automaticaly set the ringer to vibrate for busy calendar appointments. I had this on my old Q and the Touch Pro had it too. I thought it was a windows option, not a phone manufacturer option. Where is it? I have scrounged the phone settings and can not find it.

    02-25-2009 04:13 PM
  2. rrockwell's Avatar
    Just upgraded from Q and I am unable to find any profiles other than switching between ring and vibrate.
    Big dissapointment.
    I did find a third party app "spb phone suite". It looks like they provide the various profiles and automatic switching functionality that the Saga is missing.
    04-15-2009 02:08 PM
  3. efudd's Avatar
    wm-pro doesn't have profiles build in. (but seems wm standard does- go figure...)

    I use phoneweaver to get that functionality. i really like it. Phonesuite is nice (I actually own that too )- but i like that phoneweaver just does profiles and does them very very well.
    07-15-2009 09:39 PM