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    To make a long story short, I have been a long time Palm/Treo user (visor deluxe-->treo 600--->treo 650) and I bought the IP-830w because my work doesnt allow cameras (automotive design) and I thought it would be good to start learning windows mobile because they will probably take over the mobile world!

    I used it for 5 days, but I came back to my cameraless treo 650. Loved the bigger screen, it was great for Tom Tom 6 and the internet browser and picsel viewer were great! I just couldnt get used to the OS compared to how I always used Palm OS. Maybe I ill get a Palm Treo windows unit in the future. For now I am gona buy a treo 700P on ebay and take the camera out for work.... I got it up on ebay, auction #160106662819 if anybody is interested.

    Thanks for the great forum. I used the ##MODEM# trick and did alot of reading here. back to treocentral I go!
    04-14-2007 01:01 PM