1. i-760wner's Avatar

    1. I can't seem to load audio streams etc which require Windows Media Player 9. My device came standard with WMP 10. What do I do?

    2. How do I enable Java-script. On a another board I saw something to the effect of downloading files.

    3. This is a SD-Card question. I currently do not have one. What are they used for? For example if I'm watching a google vid which is 1 hour long, will the main memory switch to the SD-Card and let extra data shift there to increase the viewing capacity?

    4. I don't know if this is normal, but when I go to google vid, and watch a 50 min vid with TCPMP, only the first, I'd say 15 min plays and than it reverts back to the beginning. Also, I can not toggle between different points in the vid like is possible with a PC.

    5. Is an unlimited data plan of $45/month normal? I heard the LG voyager costs $15..
    02-14-2008 11:29 AM
  2. hyacinthe718's Avatar
    the newest version of tcpmp lets me get all the audio streams i want,
    the data plan is unfortunately all that verizon offers for win mo devices. te voyager while fun doesn't pack the power of a 760 or a 6800
    03-25-2008 01:02 AM