1. PopMuzik's Avatar
    I apologize for this post if it is duplicated somewhere else, but all a search turned up was a service called "Basecamp", which doesn't sound like what I'm looking for.

    I need a simple, basic todo list program for my i760. Please let me know what you use, why you like it or dislike it, where I can obtain it, and how much it costs. Thank you!

    08-18-2008 12:45 AM
  2. Bmosbacker's Avatar
    Have you tried Jott (Jott.com) in combination with "Remember the Milk"? (http://jott.com/jott/jott-links.html)

    Jott is great (especially with voice dial on a phone) and you can create the to-do list on websites. I use Jott daily but I do not use Remember the Milk because I am Outlook centric.

    I hope this helps some. Check out Jott and the supported link service they offer. One of the best services available--and FREE. Barrett
    08-18-2008 06:57 PM