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    So there's enough 12" tablets out there, but after having the opportunity to use a 12" and 10" tablet, I honestly prefer the 10" tablet. I feel like the actual "tablet mode" is easier to use and flows better in my hand. The 12" just feels unwieldy, but then again, I've got pretty small hands. There just aren't a lot of great 10" tablets out there running Windows 10.

    So I'm sure this is a personal preference thing, and I probably fall into the minority camp, but I still prefer the 10" over the 12". My major qualm is that the 10" always comes with subpar hardware. Most notably the almost guaranteed to be an Atom X5. Don't get me wrong, it's not a dog. In fact, my Asus 10" T102HA runs pretty peppy with it. But there are times that it leaves me wanting more.

    Enter the 7th Gen M3 and Samsung. I totally want the 10.6" model, which ironically is nearly identical dimensions as my Asus 10.1" -- it's just better in every single way.

    Galaxy Book - Tablets | Samsung US

    As a side note, color silver is offered on the website, but Best Buy has exclusive rights to the color black. I just can't tell if black is available on the 10.6" and 12", or if it's only available on the 12". Best Buy's website only shows black on pre-order for the 12". So I'll have to wait and see what comes when they're officially available next month (the 21st I think).
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    04-21-2017 08:35 AM
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    Your not entirely alone. I totally prefer the 4:3 ratio and 9.7 inches in a tablet. I know its apple-esque but the standard sheet of paper evolved that way for a reason. Way better hand feel than a large tablet, and better for consumption use - magazines, web pages etc. Perhaps not perfect for taskbar length, but I'd rather have maximal screen space per size than maximal multi-masking on a tablet myself. 10.1 is similarly in the ballpark of "I can actually hold this for a long time". The trend toward larger screens for me, lessens the duality of 2 in 1s. It's a sort of MOAR mentality to me, personally, that leaves one wondering - why not a laptop instead? Certainly over 12 anyway!

    I would actually quite like a 8.9 incher with keyboard dock, and LTE. Super portable, bag-able, and just big enough for ease of use in terms of screen real estate and UI size. Sadly no one makes these much. Even more neglected than 10.1 or 9.7!

    Great to see Samsung in the hybrid windows game, but I REALLY WONDER, why surface and others are still using cases, and stands, rather than transformer style rotatable keyboard docks.

    If your going to have a 2 in 1, you really don't want to have to set it down, on a table, just to use it. The whole point is flexibility. There are literally loads of cheaper Chinese hybrids, some quite powerful that use rotateable keyboard docks.....so why are these high end devices still using stands and cases?

    A tablet in a tiltable stand is actually like a laptop. You can carry it around, balance it on your knee etc. A tablet with a kickstand or case, is quite far from that, its only a laptop when you have a large surface to put it on.
    04-21-2017 09:35 AM
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    I'm not saying this is a similar premium tablet, and 13 inches isn't my bag (ive never used this device) but isn't this form factor so much better?


    This is an Apollo lake with 4gb/64gb emmc - a considerably more budget device, but that transformer form - why why are their kickstands nowadays?
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    04-21-2017 09:53 AM

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