1. masterchief1984's Avatar
    When I got my Lumia 920 one of the first apps I downloaded was the WP Central app. The only problem I'm having is logging into the forums part of the app. Anyone else with this issue?
    11-22-2012 05:17 AM
  2. Marcus Adolfsson's Avatar
    Try to reset your password: Cogwheel, your account
    11-22-2012 10:07 AM
  3. Dr_8820's Avatar
    I don't have a problem signing in, but if I try to thank someone, it force closes.
    11-22-2012 11:40 AM
  4. ThatTree's Avatar
    Dr.8820, I just sent WPCentral an automated bug report about the thanks issue. This comment is from the app.
    11-22-2012 11:44 AM
  5. anon(5468609)'s Avatar
    I haven't been able to log in to the app. Even though I use the correct and working credentials.
    12-12-2012 10:16 PM
  6. James Falconer's Avatar

    Try resetting your password... cogwheel > your account
    12-13-2012 01:26 PM

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