1. AbsoluteZerow's Avatar
    Is there a for sale section on the forums anywhere? Is it allowed to post a for sale thread? I'm looking to sale my pentaband 920 and I'm not sure where to post to?
    07-21-2013 03:37 PM
  2. 11B1P's Avatar
    We do have a Marketplace. It is restricted to only viewing until you have the minimum number of posts, 10 I believe.
    07-21-2013 03:41 PM
  3. AbsoluteZerow's Avatar
    Hrm, I meet the requirements but I'm still not able to post a thread in the marketplace... odd?
    08-04-2013 06:30 PM
  4. AbsoluteZerow's Avatar
    Hrm, maybe the minimum posts is 100 now instead of 50?
    08-04-2013 06:38 PM
  5. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hrm, maybe the minimum posts is 100 now instead of 50?
    It doesn't look like it has changed. http://forums.mobilenations.com/rule...uidelines.html

    Please let us know if you still cannot post, and I will notify the tech staff.
    James Falconer likes this.
    08-04-2013 10:39 PM
  6. xratola's Avatar
    ebay :P
    08-04-2013 10:47 PM
  7. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Let us know if you are still having issues. You are listed as Marketplace qualified so you should be able to post
    08-04-2013 11:02 PM

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