1. alphaios's Avatar
    Does anyone else also have the problem, that once the forum tile is pinned to the start screen, the actual WP-Central app stops working ??

    01-20-2014 01:44 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I've moved this thread to the WPCentral for Windows Phone - App Support forum, since this is a problem specific to the WPCentral app.
    01-20-2014 10:31 PM
  3. Jay Bennett's Avatar
    Could you give any more detail past "stops working"? It's a little difficult for me to diagnose the issue without some context. If it helps, I have the forum tile pinned as well and everything still works here
    01-21-2014 06:02 AM
  4. patrickwee's Avatar
    You mean the live tile did not updating automatically ?
    01-21-2014 06:07 AM
  5. alphaios's Avatar
    Thx but I think I figured it out. It said it had a problem connecting to the WP-Central network (and thus didn't load the articles once opened), but that wasn't actually the problem. I noticed that I had almost no memory space left (2-3mb) so I deleted a few apps and now everything works fine. But thx!
    01-21-2014 06:41 AM
  6. danduyser's Avatar
    For me, the notification count was stuck at 16. Tried unpinning and repinning the tile, but does not update when I open the app. Tried one step further to troubleshoot, uninstalling the app and now it says I need to repurchase.
    04-07-2014 08:19 PM

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