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    So I had an idea. Not a day or two goes by without another "when windows 8.1 available for nokia 520???" kind of thread or variant.

    Well, OK, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but still, I was thinking of something that would try to detect those kinds of threads before they're posted, in the same vein as the Similar Threads box that pops up when creating a thread on the website.
    So if a post seemed suspiciously like yet another thread asking how to pick up the 8.1 Dev Preview or when it will come out, perhaps a dialog could appear there, asking ("loudly") if its a thread pertaining to 8.1 availability, linking them to the relevant article.

    All you need to know about the Windows Phone 8.1 'Preview for Developers' | Windows Phone Central
    (the batman-robin slap graphic there was very satisfying I admit)

    It doesn't achieve world peace, but its just that these kinds of redundant threads are a pet peeve of mine.

    EDIT: Maybe this will be superseded or highlighted by the ask a question thing.
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    06-11-2014 09:04 AM
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    I agree. There should definitely be some form of moderation in place to moderate the threads that all ask the same thing over and over and over again but, with the amount of threads each day here I know its impossible to constantly keep with it. Even if you try to use the search threads box the results tend to be overwhelming with duplicate threads.
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    06-11-2014 10:56 PM
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    That's not a bad idea xandros9, I had been thinking the same for future enhancements. Anything we can do to point folks towards the most appropriate thread will be helpful... but of course, tech team has to find an efficient way of achieving this.... not only on desktop, but on mobile devices, in our apps, etc... :)

    ​Thank you!
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    06-12-2014 08:48 AM

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