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    I have a Linux 10inch Windows tablet that I recently upgraded to Windows 10.

    I have a couple of issues so I added Posts into the Windows 10 Tablet forum as these are bugs/issues I've had since installing.

    This morning, two of my threads were moved to a general laptop forum which I feel is wrong, given my questions specifically relate to my experience with windows 10 on a tablet.

    My device is definitely not a laptop.

    The private message I received tells me to contact an administrator if I have a question but doesn't tell me how.

    Any help here is appreciated as I would like my questions returned t the most appropriate forum for them.

    Many thanks.
    08-08-2015 11:47 AM
  2. a5cent's Avatar
    While browsing the forums, you'll occasionally stumble upon members with a "moderator" tag under their name (like mine). Those are the people that private message is telling you to contact. Unfortunately, we aren't quite consistent in our use of terminology, as we're using the words "administrator" and "moderator" interchangeably.

    To contact a moderator just click on the green name. That should open a popup Window (on IE not always reliable). Along the bottom of that Window you'll see the abbreviation "PM". That is short for "Private Message". Clicking on that will allow you to write that moderator a private message. This also works for any other member BTW.

    Looking at your post history it appears you've only created one thread, which I did in fact move. I'll be contacting you shortly by PM.
    08-08-2015 01:05 PM

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