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    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

    I bought the original Band last year (December) when I had my Lumia 920. Everything worked great, although voice command usually resulted in a "make sure your Bluetooth is on and connected" or whatever, message.

    Then I got the 950XL this May. Since then, I get notifications for text, email and calendar, but nothing else. News and Cortana tiles lead to "Nothing new...check back in a few". The weather will update once in a VERY blue moon. Right now, it says last updated 08/04 (18 days ago).

    Has anyone had this issue between Band and the 950XL? Is there a compatibility issue?

    It's bad enough the darn thing looks like it is about 3 years old due to poor durability against wear. :(
    08-22-2016 06:29 PM

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