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    for me it is really hard to get into this with Windows Phones. I'm quite experienced in jailbreaking and all the iPhone related stuff, but WP7 is way more complicated, I think. Anyway, I have an LG-E900 Optimus7 phone and unlocked it with the MFG menu trick. Then I downloaded and installed the WP7.1 SDK, as well as an xap file, that I want to sideload onto my phone. I tried Tom XAP Installer 1.2 and the Microsoft Deployment Tool, but both say they can not connect to the phone. Zune is launched and the screen of my phone is not locked.
    I really used Google a lot, but it didn't help me so far.
    I'd appreciate any help! :)

    Edit: I heard it doesn't work with SDK7.1 but with SDK7.0. Is that the problem? I can't find a download for the SDK7.0 anymore. :(
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    10-03-2011 11:30 AM
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    Anybody? :(
    10-11-2011 09:57 AM
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    what xap are you trying to side load? Many have been banned on mango...
    10-24-2011 01:07 PM