1. johnmcd348's Avatar
    I've not seriously programmed since I was 10-12 years old and Peek'd/Poke'd my way through in BASIC on my C=64. I'm wanting to create an app to use on my phone and even release into Marketplace for others. It's a general Ballistics program. I've noticed there is nothing out there that I can find for the hobby or competitive shooter. If someone else wants to take up the challenge, please feel free. But, if not, I'd be willing to do one if I can find the programs to help with this. Also, does anyone have any books or other sites that will explain the programing languages needed to make a current (Mango) compatible app.


    10-11-2011 07:11 AM
  2. Exomondo's Avatar
    Check out the free PDF book and code samples here:
    "Programming Windows Phone 7" by Charles Petzold

    You would be programming in C# so it's best to run through some basic tutorials for that first, just google (or bing) for some.

    Head over to the App Hub where you can download the tools and also have a look in the 'education' section for the beginner tutorials.
    10-11-2011 05:26 PM
  3. ccrraaiigg007's Avatar
    I'll chime in and suggest Rob Miles' books which can be found for free at csharpcourse.com
    10-11-2011 09:22 PM
  4. johnmcd348's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help. Now I just need to get my phone unlocked so I can use it to test with once I get going. No rush on that though.
    10-12-2011 10:02 AM