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    I'm creating an application which is using local database. From a moment I need to use background agent which is need to access to database too.

    First question: how can I reduce memory use while working with database. Now it is about 7Mb, but agents has limitation to a 6Mb. Can I declare a new class from DataContext, is which declared not all tables, which are declared in main application?

    Also, I have another problem.
    To work with database I added several links to files to agent's project. When I compiling project I'm getting many warning message like this:
    Warning 312 The type 'MoneyWallet.Helpers.TileUpdater' in 'D:\Work\WP7\MoneyWallet\MoneyWallet\Helpers\TileUpdater.cs' conflicts with the imported type 'MoneyWallet.Helpers.TileUpdater' in 'd:\Work\WP7\MoneyWallet\MoneyWalletAgent\Bin\Debug\MoneyWalletAgent.dll'. Using the type defined in 'D:\Work\WP7\MoneyWallet\MoneyWallet\Helpers\TileUpdater.cs'. D:\Work\WP7\MoneyWallet\MoneyWallet\ViewModel\ScheduledTransactionsViewModel.cs 189 21 MoneyWallet

    Second question: how can I remove this warning and is it critical to application at all?
    04-13-2012 03:41 AM