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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you guys doing well.

    I just want to know , How can I transfer .xap file to Windows phone - Samsung focus ?

    I am new here , if thread is already exist. Please let me know the link. If not , please advice.

    thanks in advance !

    06-04-2012 08:43 PM
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    You need a dev unlocked device to install XAPs, using a PC. Some custom ROMs will let you install an XAP directly to your phone.

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    06-05-2012 12:06 AM
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    Thanks for reply. Could you please let me know how ?? ;)

    06-06-2012 03:44 PM
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    Thanks for reply. Could you please let me know how ?? ;)

    The WindowBreak Project - Windows Phone Hacker

    That explains how to use WindowBreak to get free interop then developer unlock.

    You'll need to then make sure Zune on your PC is up to date, and install a Microsoft .net framework - you'll want to Google how to do this - your best bet is to check the XDA Developer forums.

    Once you have WindowBreak, Zune, and the Framework, the next step is to install a program that can sideload an .xap to your phone. There are quite a few out there - the one I use is wXAPassistant by WINCO from the XDA forums. Do some research to find out which one works for you.

    Once you've done enough reading, and you have to do the reading in order to understand everything fully, you'll be able to sideload any app you want, install custom roms, and update your phone to the latest WP7 builds.

    Good luck.

    XDA forum - Windows Phone 7 Development and Hacking - xda-developers
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    06-06-2012 04:02 PM
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    Thanks a lot .. for you help ..

    Cheers !! :)
    07-12-2012 01:51 PM
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    If you end up going the custom ROM route, I'm using an excellent Tango ROM that I got over from XDA. You can install .xap from browser and there are a lot of little customization options included and it's very stable. This is for Focus v1.3 but i'm pretty sure he released a v1.4 also so make sure and know what hardware version your Focus is.

    [ROM] 4/22/12 *V2* ahmedfikry Focus rev1.3 Tango Unlocked / ALL Lang & US-en - xda-developers

    Good luck and have fun!
    07-15-2012 12:44 AM
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    Hey jimski....i m new to windows phone 8.1 and I want to know that how to install xap in windows phone 8.1 from the SD card as i did the same in windows phone 8 by an option in store called SD card.... But how to install xaps from SD card to phone in windows phone 8.1???.. Plz tell me fast... It's quite important to me coz I transferred xap file of asphalt 8 airborne in my SD card in windows phone 8.1 and when I visited my store it showed me a new option I.e.-install local apps but I can't see any xap file in that list... So plz tell what's the problem in it???
    05-30-2014 09:28 PM
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    Yeah, thats it,
    1st put your xaps to SD Card.
    Then check in "Install local apps"
    If is there nothing to show, then restart your device, that will appear your xaps file. To be shown.
    Sorry for eng.
    06-09-2014 03:18 PM
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    Thanks a lot for your reply Amol...I thought that no one would reply me... But u did... Thanks for that
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    06-15-2014 08:15 PM

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