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    This is my first tutorial here at WPCentral hope you guys like it.

    Scenario : Need to implement an YouTube functionality in the app where the app should display a list of YouTube videos in a List and when a taps on it it should play the video.

    Solution : Considering that you already have a Visual Studio Windows Phone 8 project open follow these steps
    1. From the nuget manager search for the package "MyToolkit.Extended" (This requires the WPToolkit Package too)
    2. Once your done with this the next step is to create a Template in App.xaml which will be your layout to display the videos so in App.xaml copy this code.
      Do not forget to declare this
      Then in the Application.Resources copy the code which is below
      <DataTemplate x:Key="VideoResultTemplate">
                  <Grid Margin="12">
                          <ColumnDefinition Width="200"></ColumnDefinition>
                          <ColumnDefinition Width="*"></ColumnDefinition>
                      <extended:YouTubeButton Width="200" YouTubeID="{Binding VideoID}" Height="150" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Grid.Column="0"></extended:YouTubeButton>
                      <TextBlock Text="{Binding VideoTitle}" Foreground="Black" VerticalAlignment="Top" Margin="5,0,0,0" TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="150" Grid.Column="1" />
      Explanation about this code : All you are doing is creating a DataTemplate which has a grid and has two controls one is a YouTubeButton which is a part of the MyToolkit.Extended package , which displays a small thumbnail of the video and a play icon over it the other control is just TextBox to display the title of the video.

    3. Now lets move to the MainPage.XAML
      Simply make a ListBox and set the ItemTemplate to VideoResultTemplate
      <ListBox x:Name="ResultsList" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource VideoResultTemplate}" ItemsSource="{Binding SearchResults}" Tap="ResultsList_Tap" />
      In the MainPage.XAML.VB
      Import These
      Imports MyToolkit
      Imports MyToolkit.Controls
      Imports MyToolkit.Multimedia
      Now paste this code
          Friend WithEvents wc As New WebClient
          Public Sub FetchVideoList(searchname As String)
              Dim searchUri = String.Format("http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?q={0}&format=6", HttpUtility.UrlEncode(searchname))
              wc.DownloadStringAsync(New Uri(searchUri))
          End Sub
          Private Sub wc_DownloadStringCompleted(sender As Object, e As DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs) Handles wc.DownloadStringCompleted
                  Dim atoms = XNamespace.Get("http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom")
                  Dim medians = XNamespace.Get("http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/")
                  Dim xml = XElement.Parse(e.Result)
                  Dim videoCollection = From entry In xml.Descendants(atoms.GetName("entry")) Select New YouTubeListItem(entry.Element(atoms.GetName("title")).Value, entry.Element(atoms.GetName("id")).Value)
                  ResultsList.ItemsSource = videoCollection
              Catch ex As Exception
              End Try
          End Sub
      Public Class YouTubeListItem
          Public Property VideoTitle As String
          Public Property VideoID As String
          Public Sub New(Title As String, id As String)
              Dim parsed = id.Split("/")
              VideoID = parsed(parsed.Length - 1)
              VideoTitle = Title
          End Sub
      End Class
      Explanation of the above code : You are reading the YouTube feed and formatting it correctly for the ItemSource of the Listbox adding each entry of the result to the YouTubeListItem object.

      The Results Tap Code
      Private Sub ResultsList_Tap(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Input.GestureEventArgs)
              If ResultsList.SelectedIndex <> -1 Then
                  YouTube.Play(CType(ResultsList.SelectedItem, YouTubeListItem).VideoID, YouTubeQuality.Quality480P, Nothing)
              End If
      End Sub
      To Load the YouTubeMovies
      Use this code in any of the Events

    Hope this has helped.
    11-09-2013 11:38 PM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    Nice tutorial! I'm sure someone will find it helpful
    11-10-2013 11:50 AM

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