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    (Please let this be the right forum) :)

    Hello everyone!

    I recently started trying to learn how to make windows phone apps. I've come to windows phone from android (back when ICS was the newest thing), and to my surprise Windows Phone did not have any way to save your own contact information in the 'me hub'. This was a bit annoying, as I did not fancy having to add myself as a contact and scroll through all my contacts whenever I wanted to share my number with someone. I finally decided to learn how to develop, and so, I've made this:...

    -=-WHAT IS IT-=-
    An alternative to the normal (and now-not-as-useful-as-it-once-was) Me tile. It allows you to share your contact info by tapping on it.
    Install it using the XAP Deployment Tool.

    • It is probably unstable
    • My screenshot features a different header photo for the alternative view. I just replaced the img.jpg in the XAP to do this. I didn't include it in the app as I don't have the right to the picture, and I don't know who does.
      TL'DR: Copyright and stuff
    • Feedback is welcome!
    • ...although I am very busy at the moment, and I am unsure when/if I will continue to update this app. (One idea was to add a 'post an update' feature that would open MultiShare, but I haven't yet done anything...
    • The small tile has a black background and a white, round design (not really a tile, more of a button/icon)

    -=-THANKS TO-=-
    Bob Tabor and Clint Rutkas: The people who made "Windows Phone 8 development for absolute beginners'. Immensely helpful tutorial!
    The Nokia Development website: Their samples helped me understand a lot.
    Microsoft: WP (obviously) and their msdn C# and Windows Phone documentation
    Stackoverflow: For teaching me that making a text file for every single thing is not the way to go :)
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