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    Hi guys, i have a need for a certain app and if i have a need it usually means others have the same need

    I am a Uk dash cam user, i use a Mobius camera, if you google Mobius you will find it easy enough especially on youtube. Dash cams are becoming big business around the world and are taking off here in the Uk now, dash cams come in all shapes, sizes abilities, some with integrated GPS logging some without, the Mobius like many other dash cams is just that ... a camera, it has no GPS logging abilities, there are, a few GPS logging apps already in the store but all are designed for other activities or are just plain not suitable.. bad design, small buttons, full of extras not needed or wanted for simple GPS logging

    Most dash cam users will use a piece of software called RegistratorViewer ( RV ), it is free and amongst other things combines your captured dash cam footage with a GPS log which can be imported, on playback you see the video footage running alongside a scrolling map of your location, simple but very effective

    There is a definite need for a dedicated GPS logger that perhaps could be titled DashCam GPS assistant ?? the devs call on that though, it needs to Log and save a GPS track in any format compatible with RV, .kml, .plt, .gpx, .dat, .csv, any of these or all of these would be good, perhaps even user selected ? the saved file needs to be easily exported for import onto a PC, from there into RV , the buttons in the app need to be LARGE and easily used, the app does not need bells and whistles, no maps, no geo location, no nothing tbh just that all important GPS log with easy save and export and IF possible background GPS tracking ?? It is almost possible already with the motion data log which shows various locations visited, so background logging does happen, whether MS allow access to that data i`m not sure

    Is this anything a developer would pursue or take on ?? i only wish i could do it myself, i have Photoshop skills but my mind unfortunately does not work in code

    Again the devs call but really this needs to be FREE with zero adds, there is nothing worse that seeing an app with horrible cheap adds appearing or nag screen begging for 5 star ratings
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    04-04-2015 02:37 AM
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    this needs to be FREE with zero adds
    Good luck with that.
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    04-04-2015 04:04 AM

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