08-02-2008 12:05 PM
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  1. azclown's Avatar
    Well, I used Codys SMS and I could send/ receive texts great, and could also receive MMS great, but i couldn't send MMS from my XV6800 on the verizon system.... I believe it has to do with how his program formats the header data versus how Verizons system reads it..... I would think someone who has the knowhow could write an intercept .dll that would take Codys output MMS and rearrange the header data to fit verizons needs and everyone would be happy.... that way nobodys steppin on Palms toes and we have working threaded MMS..... just a thought....
    01-30-2008 09:12 AM
  2. calash's Avatar
    Receiving works fine for me, it shows a little icon that I can click and view.

    For sending I just use the MMS application, it is still there and works without a problem for me.

    I don't really send that many MMS messages anyways, so it is fine with me, threading more than makes up for it IMHO. Thanks again for posting it :)
    01-31-2008 07:02 AM
  3. iknight's Avatar
    Not sure wat i did butt he GREEN and BLUE arrow of the messages appear as an red X... how do i get it back?
    03-16-2008 08:49 AM
  4. pdub73's Avatar
    I like Hannips Threaded sms because of the look and the smileys but it lacks a spell checker...so I Flash No2Chem's(PPcGeeks) ROM version 5048, I have the threaded sms with the spell checker, but no smileys ... I didn't really look around too hard to find the answer, with everyone worried about MMS and all, mine seemed to work okay with Cody's and of course works great with NO2chems ROM...anyway...

    Does anyone know if there is a threaded sms app. with both smileys, and a spell checker?
    03-16-2008 05:30 PM
  5. drexappeal's Avatar
    Sorry to bump this old thread as my first post, but I had a couple issues with the threaded text messaging program that I'm hoping someone has a solution or answer for.

    I'm a moderator for another forum that uses vBulletin, so I'm familiar with the search function, which is how I ended up finding this specific thread and I read the other thread as well, but didn't find the exact solution/answer I was looking for.

    These are the two issues I had with the program, prior to uninstalling:

    1) Multiple text messages would be sent to each person I would send a message to

    2) Text messaging program keeps opening, even after I close it completely.

    Anybody have any clue how I can use this program without the above problems? Or is this something that can't be avoided?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
    06-26-2008 07:31 PM
  6. Baby Jai's Avatar
    ok i have a couple questions, will this work with window 6.1? Will it override the current one and will the lag go away when i type
    08-02-2008 12:05 PM
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