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    Check it out. The author posted this link over at ppcgeeks and asked us to give him 24 hours for more info.

    Hard-SPL - or how to not brick your PDA ever again - xda-developers

    If this works, then custom roms should be coming very soon. helmi_c, the author of the 1st custom WM6 ROM for the 6700, now has a 6800 in his possession, so this should be interesting in combination with his skills.

    UPDATE: Colonel is working on some custom ROMs already for the 6800 over at PPCGeeks.com. I tried one of his alpha builds, which wasn't bad but needed work.

    I decided to use the OS part of the stock Alltel ROM. Here are some rough instructions I typed up in case you want to keep the Sprint radio, but update the ROM to the Alltel OS (this is what I did).

    1. Add the Olipro bootloader (unlock) Hard-SPL - or Yadda-Yadda, click the thread - Titan Unlocker - PPCGeeks

    2. Download ftp://ppcgeeks@up.ppcgeeks.com/Titan...N/roms/RUU.rar and extract it to a directory on your PC.

    3. Download ftp://ppcgeeks@up.ppcgeeks.com/Titan...an_2.14_OS.nbh and save it to the same directory you did for the files from step 2.

    4. Rename Titan_2.14_OS.nbh to RUU_signed.nbh

    5. Ensure your 6800 is plugged it via activesync and is at the Olipro boot loader screen. Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe (from step 2) from your PC and follow the prompts.

    6. After update is successful, hard reset your 6800.

    7. Enjoy
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