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    I have access to a 56k internet connection. WHOO HOO so slow. Well I've been thinking- Why not have my computer use the internet speed of the Sprint Mogul to connect to the internet? I mean, the phone has internet capabilities faster than 56k and can connect to the internet anywhere, including right next to the computer...

    The question is... how would I go about making my computer connect through the Sprint Mogul to the internet? Or is it even possible?
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    01-15-2008 01:05 PM
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    easiest way, if you have activesync on the system your using.

    open internet explorer on your mogul, let it connect to a page using its connection. then close internet explorer, and open up internet sharing. and make sure the connection its using matches the connection you use (if you havent changed it the default should be set to sprint pcs) then select USB or Bluetooth, and share. if its usb then make sure your device is plugged in and it will do the remaining work between it and your pc, if its bluetooth you will then need to pair the device.
    01-25-2008 08:13 AM
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    XmentalX is right -- that's the way I'd recommend.

    Otherwise your Mogul should have come with a CD that has a sprint program that does some of the setup work for you... unless they stopped including that in their Windows Mobile stuff after the Treo 700wx...
    01-25-2008 09:00 AM