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    Hello to everyone. I know that I am in the right place because I recognize many of you from treocentral (which is how I found this place :D ) and you did such a great job :thumbsup: helping me with my treo so I know that you will be able to help me with my mogul that I just recieved.

    Question #1 has anyone experienced their keyboard not lighting up? When I slide the keyboard out it doesn't light up until minutes afterwards and then it will light up.

    Question #2 I checked my rom and it is 2.09.651.3 do I need to ugrade that rom? I am completely new to the entire rom scene and I have been doing my research all day on various websites trying to figure everything out. Actually, I believe that I am just nervous that I am going to mess up and be stuck with a brick. I have seen that if you mess up that it will not go back to the custom rom unless you program it to do so. That is the part that bothers me I remember the good old days on my treo where a backup would do the trick.

    Of course I have more questions like which rom to use and much more but I can stick with these first and that way I can learn this process step by step. I am thanking you ahead of time for your help. :D
    02-22-2008 09:09 PM
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    Hi! Welcome to the Mogul clan!

    Question #1: Click on Menu / Settings / Personal / Buttons. Then click the tab labeled Backlight. (why they did not put this in the Systems / Backlight, I will never know :rolleyes: ). Then check or uncheck the box. See if that helps.

    Question #2: The latest ROM is 2.17.651.0. You can download it at


    Sprint said that sometime in early Q1 they were going to release a ROM update that will enable the GPS chip and enable EVDO Rev A. It is past early Q1, but Q1 is not over yet. Here is an unofficial ROM of this:

    3.16.651.0 Unofficial ROM - GPS and EVDO Revision A

    Even though there are apparently some pretty good cooked ROMs available, I am personally waiting for the new Official ROM update to come out.
    02-22-2008 11:34 PM
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    Hobbes thanks :bow: for the quick response Your tutorials helped me a lot on my treo so I know you will be great with my mobile. Hobbes I followed the answer for question on and it was already checked. I unchecked it then checked it again and the keylight still does not come on.

    Any other suggestions?

    More questions to come :D
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    02-23-2008 09:53 AM
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    I am glad I could help. Leave it unchecked and see what happens.
    02-23-2008 10:23 AM
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    Hobbes worked like a charm. The light stays on now.
    02-23-2008 04:00 PM