1. cilogic's Avatar
    I have a Sprint Mogul and I cannot connect to windows at all. I am getting a Code 10 stating this device cannot start. I have ROM version 3.16.651, and I am wondering if I need a patch for windows or something. Please anyone out there help! Thanks
    03-15-2008 11:04 AM
  2. HobbesIsReal#WP's Avatar
    This is a leaked unofficial ROM, so I am not sure if there are any issues with it or not. The new official version is out now and is version 3.35.651.2 . It activates Rev A and GPS. You can find it here.

    Other than that, do you have XP or Vista? Were you able to connect in the past? If so, what did you do just before the error?
    03-16-2008 09:03 PM
  3. HobbesIsReal#WP's Avatar
    I just saw in the title that you have XP. Have you tried download the latest ActiveSync from MS website?
    03-16-2008 10:32 PM