1. jaydunham's Avatar
    I've finally bought an sd card--4gb Sandisk. It seems to work fine, but if I try to do a reset with the card in place, the phone just goes into a soft reset loop. If I remove the card at any time during the loop, the phone resets as normal. I can then reinsert the card and go on about my business. Any ideas what might be causing that? I don't have much on the phone except PI. Pretty much as delivered except for that program.
    04-19-2008 10:02 PM
  2. HobbesIsReal#WP's Avatar
    I am using a 4 gb just fine. Copy your content to you harddrive with a card reader, reformat the SD card, and then copy your data back to the card.

    If you get the same results, there may be a file on there that is causing it. Check the files in the root directory and in My Documents to make sure there are not any cab or exe files that maybe trying to install when you reset. Make a temp folder on your phone and move those potential off your card to the temp folder on your phone.

    It could also simply be a bad card. To test this, reformat it. Put it in the phone and see if it does it when it is empty. If it works okay then do not copy your data back to it and then reinstall anything that you had installed to your card.

    If all of these steps fail then chances are your SD card is bad. See if you can exchange it.
    04-21-2008 11:05 PM
  3. jaydunham's Avatar
    Thanks, Hobbes. I tried your suggestions, but no go. The card is new--no files at all. I've reformatted a few times, but that didn't help. I borrowed a used 2gb card from a co-worker, and got the same constant rebooting. So it must be something on the phone. I just don't know where to look. I've only added PI, no other software.
    05-01-2008 09:04 PM
  4. HobbesIsReal#WP's Avatar
    In that case, I would make sure you have all your personal files (music, pictures, etc...) backed up and do a hard reset on your phone. The try it again with both the 2 & 4 gig cards. If these cards work fine in another phone, then you will need to have your phone replaced.
    05-01-2008 09:08 PM