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    Hello, I am a very unhappy Palm Treo user and I have been thinking of switching to an HTC.

    Several coworkers of mine use the HTC, two of them have the Mogul. I like the looks of the Mogul. Its considerably smaller than my Treo, and has a larger screen, and a slide out keypad. Those are features I wish I could have in my Treo, but it doesn't look as if Palm is ever going to incorporate them into any future Treo. At least the next two version coming out don't have those features, and I don't want to wait to see what they might or not have coming out in two or three years.

    Other than the cosmetic features, I want to know about the device itself. I am a big Bluetooth user, and that is another feature that I find very important in the next phone that I get. I want solid BT performance that will pair up with any headset that I purchase, not just a select few. I want to be able to have voice activated dialing, with BT headset support. I want to be able to push the button on my headset, have a command prompt me for the number, or person to dial. This is a feature that just doesn't exist with the Treo. Not now, and it doesn't look as if it will be in the future.

    How is the device for contacts, and email and texting? How about the phone itself? I've heard that with the older model, not sure of the model perhaps the 6700, the phone sounded crappy. The complaint was that you could hardly hear the person talking. How about the signal strength? If a person walks into a building, are you going to loose signal strength? My Treo sounds good, but when I walk into some buildings, I loose signal strength and I often loose the person that I'm talking to.

    The HTC that I would like to have is the Diamond Pro. Has there been any talk about when that will be released, and what carrier will have it?


    Daryl Rose
    07-23-2008 10:02 AM
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    One big thing that I could not get used to was the slide out keyboard. In theory, it sounded great but as I used it, it was to much trouble for me and how I like to use a PDA phone. Other than that (well and the fact that it was thicker than my Moto Q and now Q9c), it was a nice PDA and had a decent phone. I really had no problems with the phone quality, but could not comment on BT. I only kept mine for a few weeks and then determined that I was really a keyboard "on top" kinda guy.

    All indications are the Pro will replace the Mogul at Sprint later this year. I would wait (I am waiting on both the Diamond and the Pro before I buy anything else) until they arrive. Then, if you still like the Mogul, you will be able to get a good deal on one.
    07-24-2008 02:28 PM
  3. kaptainchump's Avatar
    The novelty of the slide out keyboard wears off very quickly. I exchanged mine and went to the 800w which is leaps and bounds faster than the mogul and is definitely the best palm device ever produced.
    07-24-2008 11:29 PM
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    A switch to the Mogul would be a hell of a step down. I have one and I had to buy a 700wx off of ebay to have a phone that wouldn't constantly lock up
    07-27-2008 02:30 AM
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    The Mogul lived in my hands for 4 days and the slide wore off in just a couple of hours.
    07-27-2008 12:24 PM
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    Do it the Mogul is a much better phone.....it is fully customizable....I have had both and will never return to Palm.....
    07-27-2008 10:57 PM
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    I have had the Mogul since it first came out. I am on the road a lot and do a LOT of emailing. As with every phone I have ownded in the past, it is not a perfect phone, but I do like it. The sliding keyboard is not a novelty, it is a phone format...an alternative option. Both exposed and sliding keyboards have their pros and cons....with the list for each being as personalized as each individual person who uses the phone. For example the sliding keyboard is wider. This can be a pro for those who do not want to use a cramped keyboard layout. An exposed keyboard is very handy with the buttons being closer together which might be a pro for those with smaller fingers. Having an exposed keyboard comes at a price of having a smaller screen. While the sliding keyboard gives you a great deal more real estate for a bigger screen.

    I frequently have to review spreadsheets on my phone, use it it LOT for GPS, and I browse the web quite a bit, so having the larger screen to do all that with is a HUGE advantage for me and makes the sliding keyboard well worth it. With that said if there was a phone with the same screen real estate with and exposed keyboard without too much more of a footprint, I would be very interested in that.

    But not matter what I say is the perfect phone, or what anyone else says is the worst phone...does not matter at all. Each phone fits the needs for each individual differently. So only you can decide what is perfect for you. If the Treo is not doing it for you, then I think giving the Mogul a whirl is a good idea.

    Here is review of the Mogul I did that may answer many of your specific questions about the Mogul:

    Review: Sprint Mogul, PPC-6800

    07-30-2008 06:41 PM
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    I've had the 600, 650, 700p in probably within 3 yr period, and then to the Mogul. I was a hardcore Palm loyal and would never recommend WM to anyone a year ago. Now a year later having used the Mogul, I've come to love WM and wouldn't go back. One thing I like about the Mogul form factor is the LARGE screen. Slide out keyboard wasn't easy to use one hand but with Touchpal, not a problem. I rarely use the slide out keyboard at all anymore. Multi-task, EVDO Rev A, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, good call quality, good reception. Definitely in my opinion better than Palm OS.

    If you are used to Palm Treo form factor I suggest you maybe take a look at the Treo 800 with WM. It's a faster device and has better memory compared to the Mogul. Although not all programs work on it yet because of the screen size. I'm sure in time developers will catch up.
    08-06-2008 06:12 PM
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    I went through several Palm OS treos in a one year period. I had such a bad experience, that I will never buy another Palm product, even a WM one. The Mogul was a life saver for me. However, the slide out keyboard makes the phone big and bulky. And as far as deciding between the Diamond, and the Touch Pro for my future purchase, I will go with the Diamond. I can re-teach myself to use the touch screen keyboard, to reduce the bulk.
    08-15-2008 10:38 AM
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    I'll admit that I've had the 6700 and the 6800. I returned the 6700 due to some OS issues that drove me nuts. It was my first smart/PPC phone too. But I loved the whole fit, screen size and what it did for me and my needs. So when the 6800 came out, I was at the Sprint store that week! I like the familiarity of the MS OS, the compatibilities and the Office programs. This month has been one year and I still like my PPC6800.

    I have to agree with Hobbes. No phone is perfect in all aspects. When we all want a huge screen, but not have a huge phone, then the keyboard has to be a slide out or use an on screen version. Then there are those that want speed or memory capacity or better this or that. Every phone has its pros and cons. (They have not built the perfect machine yet...LOL) It comes down to your own needs, fit, looks, expectations, etc and then make a balanced decision.

    There are things that the mogul does that frustrates me, but I mostly like it. Though, next year I will most likely move to an Iphone due to it's bigger screen with a screen keyboard, and because of that, overall thinner form factor. Also, my Sprint service does not work inside my employers building:mad:

    Weigh your options, needs, expectations and then make a balanced decision on a phone :D
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    08-16-2008 09:28 AM
  11. HobbesIsReal#WP's Avatar
    There are things that the mogul does that frustrates me, but I mostly like it. Though, next year I will most likely move to an Iphone due to it's bigger screen with a screen keyboard, and because of that, overall thinner form factor. Also, my Sprint service does not work inside my employers building:mad:
    Judge. Nice post. I would love to have an iPhone as my "weekend" phone, but personally would not be able to bring myself to buy it for my main phone. At the moment I do not know of anything it can do that cannot be done on a WM phone, but there are loads of things that the iPhone cannot do yet that I can do on a WM phone.

    Believe me, as I have said over and over again, I do not have any loyalty to any carrier, phone, or OS. It has just been that WM can meet my needs the best over Palm, Symbian, iPhone, etc... for the last nearly 5 years straight.

    What I am itching to trade my Mogul in for is the upcoming HTC Touch Pro! It is the next generation of the sliding keyboard format. The cool thing is that if you don't like the sliding keyboard then just get the HTC Diamond, the keyboardless version, i.e. very iPhone'ish. In fact the Diamond should be out later this month or very early next month (between Aug 28th & Sept 2nd I have to double check which one it finally settled on) with the Pro following a month behind.
    08-16-2008 10:48 AM
  12. bubbatex's Avatar
    Have to add that I actually find I don't need the keyboard as much as I used to - I just don't do as many emails on the phone as I did a year ago. After seeing this review of the Telus Diamond, I can't wait to see this phone when Sprint rolls it out. I am definitely going to give it a try!
    08-16-2008 11:21 AM
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    Judge. Nice post. I would love to have an iPhone as my "weekend" phone, but personally would not be able to bring myself to buy it for my main phone. At the moment I do not know of anything it can do that cannot be done on a WM phone, but there are loads of things that the iPhone cannot do yet that I can do on a WM phone.
    Thanks, Hobbes;)

    Well, with me it's not really the sliding board vs. the screen keyboard. I've found that I don't use the board that much anymore. I've installed SPB Shell and it has a fair amount of touch screen features. My web usage is mostly fav's with an occasional Google Business search for a store or something. Also, as with the last poster, I don't email with the Mogul like I used to. I guess I've seen my usage change or morph over the last year. So, I could move to a phone with the same big screen but sans the keyboard to improve the form factor size.

    I'm not a mogul power user by any means. I use the GPS once in a while, maybe retrieve a word or excel file by logging into my Windows Home Server with a special app written just for Mobile 6 :D , Check my Gmail. But there are a TON of things I don't even use on the thing:wifi, voice command, push email, camera or Office (maybe to view it quickly), mp3 player.

    I guess I'm considering the iphone for the feel, looks, form factor and functions I've tried. A buddy has the first gen and loves it and I"ve played with it a little. I guess I'd have to hear what the iPhone does not do first....I may find I need to stay with WM after all.:) Things are not set in stone for sure.

    I too have no loyalty to carriers. I need form & function, Internet, access to my home server, full email and a phone that works in my workplace. Right now most cell services do work in our building except Sprint...figures. I stuck with it because I loved the Mogul's options compared to all the other phones I looked at. I thought I'd power use it more than I actually have...maybe that's why I'm considering the format change. I'll take a look at the HTC Touch Pro and Diamond.
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    08-16-2008 05:48 PM
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    I just bought a Mogul 2 days ago, and for a diehard Palm freak, I'm shocked as to how much I love this thing. HTC literally thought of EVERYTHING when they made the Mogul. Yes, it has some of the traditional problems of WM(lockups, slowdowns, glitches, etc), but its still awesome.

    Email, texting, BT, call quality, voice dialing, etc., are ALL good. I called my dad last night & before he even knew I got a new phone, he made the comment, "hey, you sound really clear today!" There you go- if a 70 year old man whose half-deaf notices the difference in clarity, it HAS to be good :D

    I've been using BT with a Jabra 3030 & it's buttery smooth. No random hangups & A2DP is awesome.

    I'm very impressed with this phone, and I'm an official WM hater. I'm sold on the Mogul. The absolute BEST part is: you can run Palm OS programs via StyleTap! So no worrying about losing your favorite Treo apps.
    10-18-2008 02:17 PM
  15. pwfnp's Avatar
    I was on my 5th Centro and told Verizon I have had it. They have all been pieces of junk. They sent me the XV6800. I hope it works better than the Centro. I have been a loyal palm user for 10 years. I have alot to learn.
    11-02-2008 07:24 AM