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  1. pdanut2's Avatar
    I am have Verizon. I want WM5. Can't get a 700wx, yet. So, I consider the Verizon xv6700. If you will, please answer the following questions as fully as possible. Thanks!

    1) Can that antenna be shortened?
    2) What about Program vs. Storage memory problems?
    3) Call quality? Sound quality? (Don't use BT headset)
    4) Upgrades, registry fixes, tweaks, etc. that are recommended.
    5) Any review sites, forums, et al that might be helpful.
    6) What is the best thing about the 6700? (other than wifi)
    7) What is the worst thing about the 6700? (other than wifi)

    That's more than enough for now. I hope at least five people might help me out. Thanks!:thumbsup:

    :( After so many views can no one answer these questions? :eek: :(
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    03-16-2007 07:02 PM
  2. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    Trying to answer your questions.

    First the 6800 will be out soon.
    A lot thinner and lighter than the 6700.

    1) Don't think antenna can be shortened. It also holds the stylus.
    2) Everyone I know does not have storage issues. Heck some don't even use an SD card.
    3) Sounds quality is a bit lacking in my opinion. Still good, but not great. On par with treos.
    4) No help here.
    5) howardforums, phonescoop.
    6) bigger screen when in landscape mode
    7) lower resolution, slide out keyboard

    Better late than never!!
    09-24-2007 07:46 AM
  3. pdanut2's Avatar
    I appreciate your insight into these questions. Most of all, thanks for actually answering them!
    09-24-2007 12:55 PM
  4. cff3net's Avatar
    Just got this phone because I wanted a pocket pc and phone in one. Seems to work well, just upgraded the rom so that the wifi and phone work together without a data plan. Use a 2 gb sd card with no problem and just read that the phone will see a 4 gb but it has to be non hc without a driver (which I found but have not loaded). I got mine off ebay for under a $100. xv6800 is newer and better but I wanted to try the older version before I forked over $ 300 to $ 400 for a phone. I like this phone but I like pocket pc's and this fills that need. Good luck.

    06-18-2008 09:54 AM
  5. jimc1967's Avatar
    Just installed the driver and its reading the SDHC card just fine. I purchased 4GB miniSD cards without knowing there was a High Capacity version. My mistake, but easily solved. Google "" and you'll find the driver to download. So far, it's working fine.
    07-29-2008 09:42 PM