1. jimc1967's Avatar
    Okay... I just purchased an Iogear GBMH211W6 bluetooth stereo headset with built-in mic for phone calls. I've followed both sets of instructions to the letter, both the 6700 and the headsets instructions for pairing. The phone recognizes the headset, even showing the model number without me having to input it. Problem is, the headset doesn't receive any signal from the phone, either phone calls or music playing. I've double-checked all the bonehead mistakes that I can think of, and neither Verizon nor Iogear tech support has an answer. Does anyone hear have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? I've never used BT before, so its entirely likely I'm doing something, or the headsets are defective, but if that's the case, wouldn't the phone not recognize the headset? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    07-30-2008 08:39 PM