1. NZNORDI's Avatar
    Hi There,

    I am looking to buy the Surface Laptop for my wife and from all I can see it is a great Laptop. Alternative is the XPS 13 but that looks standard issue by comparison.

    Now the only drawback (performance etc. will be fine for Chrome, Word + Excel) that I can see is that fabric keyboard.

    I am typing this is on a like-new 2013 rMBP and I can't see how the fabric will hold up for a year, let alone 4 years. Do any of you have real life feedback after using it for a while? Even in stores, expecially the Platinum one looks a little grubby.

    I am not saying one should eat doritos while using it but I think it is fair to assume it might become unhygenic real fast? And if you clean it for 3 years, the coating will certainly come off? Just really risky to spend that money on a Laptop that might become disgusting after a few years? MSFT should at least give a guarantee or something. The iFixit teardown showed it literally cannot be replaced without destroying it. I am really torn and on the one hand, think this is best looking laptop around and on the other hand wonder who would ever do such a thing?

    BTW, thinking about the blue one (in part cause it would be harder to see stains)...

    Looking forward to your feedback.
    12-18-2017 05:52 PM
  2. TehLion's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I have owned a Graphite Gold Surface Laptop for almost a month now. I generally have sweaty palms, but I'm not one to make my technology dirty. That being said, the Alcantara fabric has held up well. There are no signs of grubbiness/dirtiness so far. It looks the exact same as when I had taken it out of the box. I really have no qualms with it. However, it maybe a different story on the Platinum model. Many users of the Sp4 signature type cover have reported theirs to become significantly dirty.
    In my opinion, I don't think you should really worry about it (especially since you're looking at the Cobalt Blue model), unless your wife does not particularly take care of her technology.
    12-20-2017 08:56 PM
  3. NZNORDI's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for that feedback! I think the blue one is likely to show the least impact but good to hear that yours is holding up well. Although a month is fairly short time frame in the grand scheme of things, I am glad you are enjoying it!
    12-21-2017 12:48 AM

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