1. rlanza1054's Avatar
    Hi there, I hope someone can help with this.

    My best friend got a Dash only 2 months ago and this past weekend, he had it in his coat pocket and leaned on it and it was enough to crack the screen.

    To replace the phone T-Mobile wants the full retail price of $350. He got it on there 2 year contact for only $199. They don't seem to want to offer anything good.

    He was giving what I thought was the original manufacturer to mail it in to see if it can get fixed, but he's uncertain if this is the best solution.

    I was wondering if anyone here knows of a way to get these screens replaced or fixed. How would one go about this and is it better just to spend $350 to get a new phone.

    I can't believe the screen can't be fixed. And can't be fixed without spending the cost of the phone itself.

    Has anyone reported a problem with these screens breaking or cracking with just light pressure on it.

    Anyway, any help or direction would be appreciated.

    Hey, maybe someone needs or want to see there Dash that they don't want.

    Thanks again.

    02-26-2007 07:36 PM
  2. lilcallaway's Avatar
    A new screen can be had for as little as $50. Easy to do yourself too
    10-25-2008 12:23 AM