1. wbowser's Avatar
    Does anyone have any information whether Good messaging will work on the Tilt/8925/Kaiser?
    10-08-2007 10:42 AM
  2. jthiggy's Avatar
    Yes, the AT&T Tilt does work. It is treated as a beta device until it has been certified.

    Make sure your IT folks are running the latest code on the server, and provide you with the latest client.

    Server should be running
    Client should be running

    I running it on my Tilt just fine.....

    11-20-2007 12:12 PM
  3. PRapz's Avatar
    what version of good are you running, where did you download it? I can not stand using BB Connect as it freezes up my tilt.
    01-12-2008 11:27 AM
  4. eeeks's Avatar
    I'm currently running Good v5.0.0.73 on my handheld. Works pretty decently, although, like in the Palm version...I hate the way it takes over certain buttons for contacts and calendars....

    not a big deal, but has proven to be quite stable on my Tilt WITH all the ATT bloatware still installed.

    I have had the occaisional freeze during an unlock from a reset.
    06-12-2008 10:52 AM