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    I have my Tilt set as getting the clock and timezone update from the network. The phone is correctly set at GMT-8 Pacific (not GMT-8 Tijuana). The phone's clock along with all the appointments' times are correct. However, the emails in Messaging (e.g. Outlook emails, Gmail via IMAP, Gmail via POP) are stamped 1 hour late. If I turned off auto network update of the timezone, the emails are stamped correctly. However, my alarms go off one hour early so I have to set the timezone update back to auto.

    Anyone experiences the same? How do you resolve the issue? Thanks.
    11-07-2007 02:13 PM
  2. webedc's Avatar
    I just discovered this weird behavior:

    If my phone is in 3G mode, the emails are stamped 1 hr late (i.e. it would stamp as 9:45am though the correct time is 8:45am). If I move my phone to an Edge area - or without any coverage such as my bathroom - the emails are stamped CORRECTLY! I couldn't believe my eyes but it's true.

    Keep in mind that the clock on my phone, along with all the appointments have not shifted any time at all!

    Anyone sees the same issue?
    11-08-2007 11:07 PM
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    I am having the same issue. The time on my phone is correct but when I receive emails they state that I got them one hour before. Someone sent me a text at 10pm and the phone time said 10pm but when I went to the message Inbox it said the message was received at 9pm. (I'm in the Eastern time zone)

    I was wondering if maybe there was a separate time that I had to adjust for the messages?

    My phone is also in 3G mode.
    12-25-2007 10:13 PM