1. taz4156's Avatar
    I am planning on buying a Tilt in the New Year. Will use mostly as a PDA, great that it is also a phone. I want to be able to use the internet very infrequently. Do I need to buy a data plan thru ATT? Will the built in wifi be sufficient for my casual limited use of the Internet? Will the wifi work w/o having a Data plan with ATT? I just want to take it out of box, use it as a phone and download some apps from Handango website. If not then I will purchase phone from wirefly or letstalk since they only commit you to a 6 month data requirement then cancel the data plan after 6 months. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    12-23-2007 08:07 PM
  2. CallMeCrazy's Avatar
    The Tilt is a great phone, I dont think you will be dissapointed. You dont need to get a Data plan with it if you order from customer service. If you go to an official store they will try to make you sign a 1 or 2 year PDA data contract. The built-in WiFi will be just fine as long as you dont need internet while say, you're driving (ex, GPS receiver in the Tilt). You can use your home internet or work internet with the WiFi on the tilt.
    I already had a $60/mo LaptopConnect on my RAZR plan for tethering when I got my tilt, so I have full access to ISP.CINGULAR vpn.
    Dont try to use a cheap mediaNET package with the tilt or you will end up being charged after you get a considerable amount of data usage built up.
    I guess the real question is, how often will you use your tilt for data when you arent near WiFi, and will you use the GPS of it at all?
    12-25-2007 11:54 AM
  3. taz4156's Avatar
    Thanks CallMeCrazy for the info. It was most helpful. I already have GPS built in the car. Because of your suggestion and all the other info in this site, I will probably get the Tilt with 6 months data plan to try out all the features the Tilt has to offer. If I find I will use it then will continue the data plan further. I just like the phone for the PDA programs that are available for download and most forums are pretty positive on the Tilt and not as many problems as with the Treo 750 which is the other phone I was considering. I just don't like the fact that ATT stores lock you in to a 2 year data plan once you sign up so I will be ordering from Let'sTalk or Wirefly. I am looking forward to getting the Tilt(my first PDA Phone) and hope to be as good with it thru all the advice I have learned.
    12-25-2007 07:57 PM