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    I had a problem connecting to my Wifi using WPA-PSK on my AT&T Tilt, but after many days of troubleshooting I realized when I disabled my bluetooth, my wifi worked flawlessly. Its pretty obvious that the BT is the culprit as I can disable BT while in IE...then page immediately displays. If I power off the BT headset or disable any BT connected devices via the phone's BT setting I get the exact same results (IE displays webpages). Basically, BT can be enabled on the phone but not connected to any devices or webpages will not download and IE gives page can't be displayed although wifi settings show device is connected to AP.

    I tried every combination possible...disable bluetooth reset then turn on wifi, vice versa....and nothing works except disabling bluetooth. Im going to try wifi with wep settings at a Hotspot location and see if i get any different results.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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    01-09-2008 12:25 PM
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    Its very unusual. Maybe the best way to fix this problem is to flash with one of the Kaiser ROM's from xda-developers.com

    01-09-2008 01:14 PM
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    01-09-2008 04:02 PM