1. HTC89T's Avatar
    Is there a way I that I can see flash pictures or videos on websites using IE or OM?

    There's a couple sites that require a Flash Plugin but when I click download the next site says there's no plugin for your device or something like that...
    02-04-2008 11:47 PM
  2. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    I think your question was answered here?

    02-05-2008 09:29 AM
  3. HTC89T's Avatar
    No, That wasn't it, what I meant by is being able to go to sites that require Flash to look at pictures like websites like forrent.com. You can't look at the pics on that site cause you need the required flash plugin to look at them.

    That's the type of plugin I'm looking for, to be able to look at pics mainly.
    02-05-2008 11:45 PM
  4. ttrundle's Avatar
    What am I missing regarding the Tilt reverting to the Home screen whenever it turns off per the power saving options? I'm viewing a list as I walk through a store let's say, when the screen shuts off and I power it back up I must drill down into tasks again. Very annoying.
    02-08-2008 12:41 AM