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    My SD Card is tripping everything got erased WTF. :mad:

    I have a 4GB SD Card on the computer it says that there's 3GB is available but there's only two pics on my SD Card and everything else got erased some how.

    Don't know what or how but all my music and pics are not on the SD card any more. I've tried turning the phone off and taking the battery out and I've also did a soft reset and tried the SD in my girls phone which is also an 8925 and still nothing.

    WTF just happen????

    Has anyone else have or had this problem with the SD Card?

    And another thing an unfamiliar file was on the SD I don't know how it got there I didn't evern download anything but the file's name is " b6 ex.if" and there's a squre before and after the b6. I don't know what that is about.....
    02-12-2008 11:43 AM