1. rduckwor's Avatar
    Anyone used other standard mini-USB chargers with their Tilt?

    I have the usual plethora of the typical mini-USB charger from a life wasted playing with handsets. They are all pretty much the same: 5 V, 250-500mA output. Any issues anyone can see just using these chargers? I typically haul two with me on the road and just want to make sure there is nothing "magic" about the charger HTC sends out with the Tilt.


    Bob Duckworth
    03-21-2008 10:22 AM
  2. drmbb's Avatar
    I've used the 500mA charger for my Motorola BT headset with my Tilt. It works fine, just takes longer to charge is all.

    I suppose that if you have the Tilt on, and you use a charger with too low a mA output, it may not be able to run it and charge it at the same time. Whenever I've used my Moto charger, the Tilt has been on, but just sitting on my desk in standby mode, not running anything (and BT and WiFi off) - so it still charged, just more slowly then with the HTC charger.
    04-18-2008 08:18 AM