1. jinxman's Avatar

    i am a little lost.

    back in the palm days, i merrily used mvoice and all my calls were wonderfully recorded to my external storage.

    i thought that this would be the easiest bit of software to find for wm6 running on kaiser. but surprisingly, nothing decent to be found.

    i tried mvoice for windows mobile, and it didn't notice my external storage
    i also tried resco audio recorder, it recorded at such a low volume and bad quality, that i had to give up on it

    any ideas? it is important that the recording takes place on my external storage. i dont mind the price.
    03-21-2008 12:02 PM
  2. subbu_tnj's Avatar
    There are good applications for Palm OS (Callrec is the best I have seen) but not a good one for Windows OS. This is the reason why I am still using an old Palm OS Treo.
    08-20-2008 07:14 PM
  3. subbu_tnj's Avatar
    08-20-2008 08:22 PM
  4. bclinger's Avatar
    But not for the phone part.
    08-20-2008 11:28 PM
  5. GovernmentMan#WP's Avatar
    I use Vito AudioNotes. I originally used it on WM5 smartphone and it worked great for recording calls. When I switched to a touchscreen device (Treo750 & Tilt) the software would only record my voice but not the other party. Vito says that there is something about WM Pro that makes it impossible to record the incoming audio properly.
    09-03-2008 11:00 AM
  6. bclinger's Avatar
    Also recently tried mVoice and it did not do very well.
    09-03-2008 12:05 PM
  7. sv3's Avatar
    Any reasonable solution to call recording in WM yet?
    10-26-2008 02:59 AM
  8. bclinger's Avatar
    A note, you only have to ask this question in one forum.
    10-26-2008 03:13 AM
  9. ANDROiD_DREaM's Avatar
    From what I have read, there is a physical/hardware restraint that keeps any program to record the incoming voice, and I have tried a handful with no luck. One work around that I have heard of but haven't tried is to get one of these programs and use it with speaker phone, then you get both incoming and outgoing voices because everything is running through the same speaker/receiver.
    11-17-2008 12:28 PM
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    01-03-2010 09:51 PM