1. Nand0l's Avatar
    Last saturday i suddenly could not send SMS or whatever message anymore, no inbox would open, from a contact and there choose for send sms. nothing worked anymore. E-mail was not retrieved, SMS were not received.
    I tried to start tmail.exe from the explorer....... noting .

    Resetting would not help me, even not removing the battery when the device was running (left the batty 30mins out). I called vodafone support, allsettings were correct, went to the vodafonestore, they could not help me. At that moment I saw no other option then a Hard-Reset. before doing that i wanted to save some things to my storagecard, but thatone gave errors to.

    I removed the storagecard and guess what? tmail.exe started again!
    There is a bug with storing attachments to e-mails on the storage card.

    so theproblem is solved i just want to share it with you!!
    10-13-2008 06:46 AM
  2. myriad46's Avatar
    A quick fix for this is to delete the "inbox..." folder on the memory card. Of course you would lose that data, but if you've saved it elsewhere, it's a quick way to get back up and runnning. No reset required.
    12-02-2008 10:21 AM