1. dougsyo's Avatar
    Hi all.

    I presently have a BlackjackII. The only real fault with it to me is the tiny buttons, but a touch+keyboard phone would be nice.

    I've got a chance to buy a tilt for under $200 (GSM unlocked, no idea whether ROM version is current or not). I can't get a new phone under my contract for another 8 months.

    Is it worth buying a tilt now, vs waiting it out and buying a Fuze or whatever successor model then? I don't have a problem with extending my contract, so that's not an issue.

    Will WM6.1 vs 6.5 make that much difference? I'm assuming it'll be available for the Fuze but not the Tilt.


    08-06-2009 01:50 PM
  2. Tim Ferrill's Avatar
    Are we talking used or new? Either way, I would probably wait and get a Touch Pro2. $200 seems high for the Tilt at this point.
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    08-06-2009 03:32 PM
  3. mharrison's Avatar
    My Wizard did about a month ago, I wanted to buy the Touch Pro2 but couldn't justify the cost. I just bought a used unlocked 8925 on ebay for $125.50 should be here next week. I plan to use it on T Mobile.
    09-01-2009 06:18 PM