1. Jeffp25's Avatar
    Over the last few months, the Bluetooth connection between my Tilt and my earpiece would sometimes stop, and the only was to reconnect was to switch off Bluetooth on the phone and then switch it back on again. I thought it was the earpiece, so I bought another. That one has the same problem, leading me to believe that the Bluetooth on the phone is failing. Anyone here seen this before and have a suggestion?
    08-27-2009 06:36 AM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I am a Bluetooth junky I have had them all. What Bluetooth devices have you tried? All the ones with multipoint technology IE: capable of connecting to more that one device at a time I have had issues with keeping them connected. All Plantronics every one I have tried has this issue. I have a Touch Pro not a Tilt but I think they are all the same when it comes to Bluetooth. I am using a Blue ant Z9i now and it stays connected very well. I also have a Motorola T505 I dont have any issues with it. I have used some of the other Motorolas with mixed results. Bottom line is keep trying different Bluetooth devices till you find one that works with your PPC.

    I have also read that there are some registry edits that can be done to help this but I done remember where hopefully someone will come along with more information.
    08-27-2009 04:58 PM
  3. Jeffp25's Avatar
    My original one was a Sony, that I loved, but after roughly two years it would no longer hold a charge. My second was a Plantronics 925, and I'd had that for a while when I noticed the problem. As I also didn't like the way that one kept falling out of my ear, I bought a BlueAnt Z9i. The BlueAnt hold much better, but also has the problem with the dropped connection (unlike the Plantronics, it lets me know when the connection drops).

    With each of the two headsets, I used them for over a week before I noticed the dropped connections. IF the problem is the headset, I can't afford to keep buying new ones (at $50-$100 each) until I find one that works!
    08-29-2009 08:30 AM
  4. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I feel ya bro! Here is what I did I don't know where you live but if there is a Best Buy around they have a great return policy if you buy there extended warranty. You can test the Bluetooth devices and I have returned a Bluetooth just because it wouldn't stay connected to my Touch Pro. The warranty gives you store credit on return for the full purchase price you will have to check out the details with them. In the end once I had a Bluetooth that I was satisfied with (I returned 3) I returned the one I liked used the store credit to but an XBOX game and a controlled then I purchased the Bluetooth from the WMExperts Store for about $30 less. This is all covered in the Best But warranty I didn't set the terms they did but I will tell you what they have a customer for life.
    08-29-2009 05:16 PM
  5. Jeffp25's Avatar
    I haven't tried the firmware update for my BlueAnt unit - I need to go look for one and see if that helps. Then, I'll probably wait until I get my next phone (Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2, or ??), which will be within the next few months, and see how that works.
    08-31-2009 08:20 PM