1020 regret


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Nov 4, 2013
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sorry for another whiny thread but today it hit me that I really wish I had gotten the 1020 when it came out.

I almost did. I had been wanting to switch to winphone from Android, and I was amazed by the 43mp camera. the only reason I didn't want to switch was that doing so would have forfeited the unlimited data plan I got with my HTC Thunderbolt. Oh, and Verizon's supposedly superior coverage. so I picked up a cracked 928 on ebay and then bought a new Icon on release day.

more than a year later, the joke is on me. yes I still have unlimited data, but I only use 4-8G per month and could have stepped up to a bigger allowance. yes VZ voice coverage is tops but there are so many gaps in LTE that I routinely drop to 3G even here in metro boston...whereas when ATT is missing LTE coverage the backup is the faster HSPA+. sure, I've gotten 72mbps a couple of times but you can only instagram it once or twice. and then of course there is the ongoing saga of non-upgrades.

I do a lot of distance photography & so digital zoom is priceless. Icon is good there but 1020 is the gold standard. what an ***** I was, just for the sake of unlimited data.


Rod Hull

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Sep 22, 2012
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I moved from a 1020 to a 930 and there are occasions when I miss the massive sensor and lossless zoom of Nokia's camera masterpiece. However I also do a lot of simple snaps of friends, family etc and I certainly don't miss the for second delay of my old phone. Plus Living Images is very cool indeed.

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