12 days of tech tips: The holidays are the perfect time to embrace mobile payments

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Dec 17, 2013
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If you have a new-ish smartphone, whether it runs Windows 10 Mobile, Android or iOS, it likely supports contactless mobile payments. If you're not taking advantage of the feature, you're potentially putting yourself at risk.
Ah, the holidays, when the weather gets cold and snowy (for many of us), the stress levels shoot up (and up and up), and we make (way) more purchases than usual, in attempts to find and secure the best gifts for our friends and loved ones. For the majority of consumers, that means using credit or debit cards more than usual, and perhaps at a wider range of retailers, some more secure, and therefore more trustworthy, than others.


Smartphone-based mobile payments aren't new. But many people still resist them, for fear of putting their financial info at risk, or just because using traditional credit cards has worked fine for them so far. So why change?

The answer is a simple one: Mobile payments are more secure than using your credit card, whether it's for an online purchase or in store. If you've been hesitant to go all-in on mobile payments, the holiday season is a great time to change that — and protect your credit, and your cash, in the process.

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