50 things Sea of Thieves still needs to add... yes, 50.

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Dec 17, 2013
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Sea of Thieves has grown by leaps and bounds. But, it can grow even further. Fifty things further.
Sea of Thieves is a bit of an enigma. One of the most polarizing games in recent memory, I know people who flat out hate it, while others boast hundreds, even over a thousand hours played since the game launched in 2018. Then there are people like me, who... simply can't decide whether they like it or not.
In some ways, this was Rare's goal. Back when I previewed the game in 2017, Rare showed off a "wheel of emotions" guiding the game's development, aiming to nail practically every reaction possible with their sandbox pirate fantasy. Taking down the megalodon in a storm on the high seas with my friends certainly ranks up there with some of my most epic experiences this generation, but being griefed over and over while trying to hand a quest item in certainly ranks among the lowest.

Undeterred by the polarization, Rare has pledged long-term support for the game, drip-feeding new content for the past year, culminating in a massive Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, adding full-blown story quests among other improvements.
Sea of Thieves is on the up and up, there's no doubt about it, but what if it had 50 more things to make it even more awesome? That's exactly what this article is intent on exploring, for better or worse, in no particular order! (And Rare, I'm sorry).
[h=3]Ahoy, Matey![/h][h=4]Sea of Thieves[/h]

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It's a pirates life for me.
Sea of Thieves is an open-ended multiplayer pirate adventure like no other. However, it still needs precisely fifty new features before it can achieve true perfection.

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