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Dec 17, 2013
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Looking back at one of my favorite developers of all time.
Dear BioWare, one of my favorite developers of all time, creator of beloved worlds loved by millions. There's millions upon millions of hours of entertainment and joy across the entire gaming community attached to your name, and I'm just one of those millions of fans who adore what that name represents. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, and many more, you've more than earned a place in the halls of video game legend. Everybody knows this, of course, hopefully including the individuals whose skill and hard work make up the art produced by BioWare.
BioWare is a team, made up of real people with real lives. With real hopes and dreams, with real personal challenges and problems. Clearly, many in the industry, press, and fans in the community seem to lose sight of that from time to time. It's easy to forget about the human element when a studio is reduced to a brand name on a video game box, or a figure on a balance sheet.
I'm not going to sit here and claim to know the issues the studio is faced with right now. Jason Schreier of Kotaku has reported heavily on the topic, and given the state BioWare's most recent game, Anthem, launched in, there's no reason to doubt Schreier's investigation whatsoever. All I hope for is that the expose will lead to better working practices for the studio, whether it's down to the Frostbite engine being unfit for purpose, or staff being overworked and mismanaged.
With BioWare in the news for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to recap my favorite memories in BioWare universes, and lament the idea of a future without BioWare games.

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Aug 19, 2013
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How much of this could be pinned to EA? I don't think they are completely innocent. However, I don't think BioWare is completely innocent either.

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