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Airframe + & Phantom Screen Touch Issues


New member
Nov 25, 2012

I wanted to share my experience with the screen touch/phantom issue/bing launching issue. I had the 1520 for some time with no issues. I read a review of the Airframe + car holder which supports the 1520 in a case and so I bought it. My 1520 has the Nokia flip cover - which has a hard plastic back.

Each day when I would get into the car, I would struggle to get the Airframe to fit around the 1520. I didn't really feel comfortable with the amount of tension and how difficult it was to get it to spread to the right side of the phone. It never loosened up and each day was a minor struggle to stretch the holder to accommodate the phone.

After a few days of using the holder, I started getting the crazy button touch thing. I did everything that was up here - used the recovery tool to bring the phone back to the base level of the OS - updated to the release of 8.1 and cyan - and then ended up going to the developer preview GDR1. I noticed the problem came up again - but it was somewhat inconsistent. It would just happen.

I brought the phone to the Microsoft store and could not duplicate the problem at all. That night, when reading the forums - there was a note about pressing on the top and bottom of the display. If I pressed the top only - or rubbed my fingers up where the word NOKIA was on the front faceplate, the phone would go crazy. The Microsoft store was convinced it was software because I didn't see it on the base level of the OS - but in all fairness - I only had that loaded until I was able to say "UPDATE PHONE".

Needless to say, once I was able to duplicate the issue at will, they gave me a new device. I have updated the device to GDR1 and continued to walk around with it in my pocket with no issues at all.

The take away from this is that I believe that the Airframe + applied some kind of pressure which torqued something inside the phone. Since I have not been using that holder and tried to keep all the other variables the same (excluding the fact that I changed hardware - and perhaps my hardware build doesn't have this problem to begin with) - I believe that the airframe + was a contributing factor in my device all of a sudden starting to act crazy.

I'm sure that people might debate how accurate my observations are and how my apples to apples test is not really apples to apples because I am starting with a new phone - all true. I'm only trying to warn people that the Airframe + might have contributed or been the cause of my issue. I had ZERO issues prior to using the Airframe + and have had ZERO issues on this device... Not exactly a scientific or a detailed root causes analysis.....