Alleged Lumia 1030 display bezel for Verizon raises questions

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Dec 17, 2013
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When parts of phones appear randomly on the internet, it can often be hard to understand the full context. Moreover, we are at the will of the person posting it and the information they were given.
Case in point is this new photo of a display bezel and touchscreen component with a scribbled 'Lumia 1030' and printed Verizon branding. There is no doubt that this is a part of a phone, but it is not clear on the details. The image comes via and there are no details about the device itself, which is exasperating. Even more, some of the hashtags and the tweet are just incorrect.

The article and tweet references both the "Lumia 1030" and "McLaren" as coming to Verizon and noting that this is the display component for it. However, some things just do not add up.

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